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Ikon_education Experiential Learning

KidZania is about learning through role play. Our pedagogical approach to Experiential Learning aims to encourage, develop and reinforce children's knowledge, skills and values through role-playing games. Through participating in KidZania, children learn many macro concepts that help them understand the adult world and prepare to improve it.


Experiential Learning is at the core of everything we do at KidZania. We are passionate about blending fun and learning in a way that fulfills our mission of preparing children to “get ready for a better world.”


General learning areas are divided into five main categories: How a City Works, Financial Literacy, The World of Work, Model CitiZenship and Good Habits.


Ikon_city_setting How a City Works

KidZania is organized as a real city with blocks and buildings, city streets, vehicles and pedestrian areas.


Ikon_economy Financial Literacy

To help children gain personal financial learning, KidZania has its own currency: the kidZo. Visitors learn how they can earn, spend, save, care and donate their kidZos

Ikon_role-play The World of Work

One of the most exciting parts of the KidZania experience is the opportunity for kids to learn about employment in different types of jobs.


Ikon_rightz_ Model Citizenship

KidZania helps children understand what it means to be a good citizen and contribute positively by becoming actively engaged in issues such as: community, civism, giving back and environment.

Ikon_social Good Habits

Cultivating good habits, and forming them early in children, is something that is incredibly important for their development. At KidZania we look to instill good habits in children, from how to take care of their health and personal hygiene and how to keep safe and react in emergency situations.

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