Costa Rica

Beauty salon and barbershop


  • Beautician
  • Client
  • Cosmetologist

Description of the activity:

In the beauty salon and barber shop Ztilo they will work as professional stylists performing hairstyles, facials. As customers, children and adults can enjoy the best hairstyles and the best look.

Live the experience of arranging or working in a professional unisex aesthetic, receive or provide an exclusive and quality service in personal grooming.



15 minutes


Recommended age:

4-14 years

Industry Partner:



Educational Content:

  • Values learned: professionalism, trust, respect, gratitude, respect, solidarity.
  • Skills gained: creativity, communication, attention to detail, fine motor skills.


  • Children pay in kidZos for receiving this service, or they receive payment in kidZos for having worked in it.
  • Children enjoy exclusive discounts thanks to the category of their paZZport, naturalized, distinguished or honorable citizen.
Terms and Conditions