Costa Rica

Fire station


  • Chief of Firefighter
  • Firefighter

Description of the activity:

For the KidZania Firefighters "making a difference" becomes a reality by demonstrating qualities such as leadership, commitment, dedication and strong character. The Kidzania Firefighters become members of the team by completing a theoretical study and the practical experience of putting out fires. They develop an understanding of fire prevention, rescue, emergency response and community service practices.



15-20 minutes


Role of the parent:


Industry Partner:



Recommended age:

4-14 years


Educational Content:

  • Values learned: responsibility, professionalism, altruism, generosity, solidarity, loyalty.
  • Skills gained: motor skills, collaboration, teamwork, language and communication, social development.



  • Children pay with kidZos for this exciting adventure.
  • Children enjoy exclusive discounts thanks to the category of their paZZport, naturalized, distinguished or honorable citizen.
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