Costa Rica


In establishing a system of government, the founders of KidZania were looking to regulate the operations of their cities and the interactions of its CitiZenry. They knew their Nation needed a structure for governing and that they themselves needed to learn more about how governments really work. Therefore, with the help of adults in tune with their passion and purpose, they devised a democratic system of government.


This democratic system of government was defined to work in two branches:

Ikon_a_government_is_established Legislative Branch

CongreZZ is the Legislative Branch of KidZania. It operates at the city level of government under the care of twenty appointed KidZanians aged seven years and older, who are naturalized CitiZens charged with keeping the city’s adult ministers and bureaucrats in touch with the welfare of the community. CongreZZ kids as they are officially called, meet to discuss current cultural trends, new technologies and the likes and dislikes of their CitiZenry.


Ikon_intranet Administrative Branch

The administrative branch is KidZania’s chief directorial body and is the larger of the two branches. It is staffed by adult government collaborators and is structured to administer into three levels of Government. There is the Central Government housed in Mexico City that is led by KidZania’s Chief Executive called the President of KidZania.


  • Central Government: led by the President as the head of the Central Government, the President’s main responsibility is to ensure that the Nation and its CitiZens act in compliance with KidZania’s fundamental RightZ. He represents the Nation at the international level and is required to incorporate new States to KidZania, as well as to look for the prosperity of the Nation


  • State Government: the Governor is responsible for how the State is run, overseeing the development of new Cities, the incorporation of Industry Partners and regularly reporting to its CitiZens and Government collaborators on the State progress


  • Metropolitan Government: Mayors are representing not only the CitiZens but the different industries and collaborators working for the city, they have the responsibility of providing a detailed service to CitiZens and tourists, and of supervising the proper operation of the city and guaranteeing high quality resources


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