Costa Rica

Industry Partners

Ikon_industry_partners About our Partnership

This form of integrated partnership enriches each activity by creating a more authentic experience. An airline knows best how to train pilots and cabin crew. A bank knows best how to teach children about saving and investing. Industry Partners make the experiences possible and, in turn, empower, inspire and support learning for children. This is an immersive and interactive experience, unmatched by any other location-based learning and entertainment property.

Ikon_industry_partners Our offer to Industry Partners

Participating as Industry Partners is a form of Direct Communication, where organizations gain exposure with our visitors, thus leading to brand recognition and loyalty. Our Industry Partners offer authenticity to KidZania, and in return we provide them with a strong, high-quality, interactive medium of communication, which helps them achieve an attractive return on their investment through a multi-regional, long-term, win-win relationship.

Terms and Conditions