Costa Rica

General information

Everything you need to know to fully enjoy your stay at KidZania Costa Rica

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About access


  • The price includes all services except food, beverages, birthday parties, photo and video service
  • General access to our facilities will be subject to the capacity of the same, so the purchase of the ticket, even if anticipated, will not guarantee your immediate access. In case our facilities are in maximum occupancy, visitors can enter according to the departure of visitors who are inside. It will be the responsibility of each visitor the time he / she decides to wait in line for access, since it will not depend on the waiting time but on the release in the occupation of our facilities.
  • KidZania schedules are subject to change without notice
  • Admission is prohibited to adults who are not accompanied by children
  • Children under 8 years old must enter KidZania accompanied by an adult
  • Adults with children under 8 can not leave the center
  • Temporary exits of children are not allowed
  • In case of loss of kidZos, there is no replacement
  • Tickets that show any alteration, breakage, deletion or amendment will not be valid.
  • Security bracelets are non-transferable
  • The ticket is not refundable or redeemable for another date
  • Access is not allowed with firearms, explosives or pyrotechnics, sharp objects, puncturing, forceful and short blunt.
  • It is prohibited to enter our facilities with pets, except for assistance dogs.
  • KidZania reserves the right of admission or permanence within its facilities to any person that puts at risk the integrity of visitors, collaborators or facilities, as well as any person who violates these rules or refuses to comply with them and in such case will not apply refunds or date changes.
  • For the safety of our visitors, the entry of people under the influence of alcohol and / or any drug and / or narcotic drug is prohibited.
  • Upon entering our facilities, all visitors will be placed a security bracelet, which will help us identify their companions and the group they belong to.
  • The ticket will not be refundable or redeemable for another date, nor can it be exchanged for cash, kidZos, souvenirs, food or drinks.
  • The resale of the ticket is prohibited, in case our staff has knowledge or detects the resale of any ticket, you may reserve the right to allow access to our facilities with said ticket.


Inside the city

  • Be polite and respectful with the other tourists of KidZania
  • To avoid accidents, it is requested not to run inside our facilities.

  • Visitors must follow all verbal and written instructions and warnings that KidZania staff share with them. KidZania will not be responsible for accidents caused by the visitor's lack of attention to such indications and warnings.

  • Chewing gum is not allowed.

  • Smoking is prohibited (including electronic cigarettes and / or vaporizers) inside our facilities, as well as the intake of any drug.


About establishments

  • Some establishments have established hours
  • The entrance to some establishments has restrictions of height and / or age
  • Some establishments may be reserved for private parties
  • Some establishments and points of sale may be closed due to maintenance or remodeling without prior notice.
  • Children with disabilities may access accompanied by an adult
  • The collection and payment of kidZos is variable in establishment
  • KidZania may grant exclusive benefits to visitors of special events or enrolled in the Loyalty Program, such as: i) Preferential access to establishments. ii) Reservation of the establishment for a defined time and iii) Exclusive use of the facilities. Without the above represents an act of discrimination.
  • The expedition of the PaZZport (loyalty program) can only be carried out in the company of the father or mother or legal guardian of the minor, presenting an official identification, proof of guardianship and covering the corresponding current cost. PaZZport is not mandatory for activities.


Terms and Conditions