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Ikon_inspired Kids become inspired

The kids of the world became utterly inspired. From a kid’s perspective things were just not going as well as they could be and it didn’t look to be improving anytime soon. 


It didn’t just happen overnight; it was a long time in coming. And it didn’t happen just in one place, it occurred in the minds of numerous cultures across every continent. 


Under children's perspective, governments operated inefficiently, societies were becoming inequitable, valuable resources were routinely squandered and values were seemingly more and more negotiable. With principles wavering and violence increasing it became apparent that kids were going to be inheriting a less than an ideal world. Something had to be done and they were the ones prepared to do it.


Ikon_a_spirit_is_born A spirit is born

The birth of their idea was the result of likeminded thinking, a state of mind, more than a physical place. It was the collective thinking in the imagining of something better by kids all over the world that led to its creation.


This was a world full of opportunities where kids could assert themselves and be responsible. This was a world where kids could think and act independently from adults sharing ideas and gaining knowledge.


They would need to increase their skills, expand their knowledge and gain experience. Especially experience, all kinds of experience in every type of profession and with every type of technology imaginable.


Ikon_rightz_are_defined Kids define their RightZ

These RightZ would be there to guide the kids in achieving their goals. They are the foundations for real world preparations and the achievement of happiness.

  • TO BE: This right is grounded in the eternal idea of freedom: the power to act, to speak, and to think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.


  • TO KNOW: This right demands open access and an open mind for the attainment of knowledge and experience, challenging the bearer to always be willing to question the status quo.


  • TO CREATE: This right appeal for the discovery of original perceptions to design effective and valuable projects; the initiative of new solutions to humankind problems with original and useful thoughts


  • TO SHARE: This right fosters the belief of a strong ethic, a willingness to collaborate, to work together in ways rarely imagined, to shape a spirit based on giving.


  • TO CARE: This right is a commitment of awareness and involvement in the welfare and protection of the natural world.


  • TO PLAY: This right is rooted in the ageless desire to relax and enjoy life; to devote one’s energy and time towards making life’s journey a fun and fulfilling one.


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