Costa Rica

Building in flames


  • Head of the rescue brigade
  • Rescue firefighter

Description of the activity:

At the fire station, children will train to extinguish a fire. When the alarm goes off, they will move in the fire extinguishing unit to the site of the incident at Hotel Flamingo and extinguish the fire of the burning building.



15-20 minutes


Role of the parent:


Industry Partner:

INS - Bomberos de Costa Rica 


Recommended age:

4-16 years


Educational Content:

  • Values learned: responsibility, professionalism, altruism, generosity, solidarity, loyalty.
  • Skills gained: motor skills, collaboration, teamwork, language and communication, social development.


  • Children pay with kidZos for this exciting adventure.
  • Children enjoy exclusive discounts thanks to the category of their paZZport, naturalized, distinguished or honorable citizen.
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