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Our commitment to KIDS

Ikon_corporate_social_responsibility Our commitment is your well-being

At KidZania we strongly believe in doing our best to help the community we live in. Our vision is “to ignite the hearts and minds of kids everywhere by empowering them to make the world a better place”. Through Social Responsibility we help in make them feel responsible, ethical and curious about the world around them, with the hope that they will improve the world they live on.


Throughout the year, KidZania implements different social responsibility actions that are focused on benefiting underprivileged or disadvantaged children. The Social Responsibility Plan is divided according to the audience that will be involved in its execution: visitors, Industry Partners, collaborators, suppliers and more.


  • Responsible Nation: KidZanians believe in helping their neighbors. The support of local foundations and the inclusion of less privileged visitors are just some of the ways that KidZania Nation contributes to their communities.


  • Inclusive Nation: KidZania has a policy of non-discrimination against the disabled, elderly, or against any person for his race, country of origin, religion, gender, sexual preferences or political affiliation. This also applies not only to our visitors, but to our collaborators; where everybody has the same rights to participate in the recruitment and hiring process.



At KidZania we believe that all children deserve the opportunity to be entertained and learn. It is because of them that we do not want anyone to be left without visiting us. If you know someone who works in a foundation, you can contact us here 


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