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The RightZKeepers of KidZania represent the ideals that are the basis of this Nation’s reason for being. They are considered the “Guardians" of KidZania’s most important RightZ: to Be, to Know, to Create, to Share, to Care and to Play. They all together join a great scope of diversity, characteristics, tastes and profiles.


Ikon_bekha_ Bekha

Gender: Female 
Birthday: December 10
Age: 11 years old
Right entrusted: To be
Description: Bekha has the power of self-determination, is unique and lives in harmony with humanity
Big dream: Give a speech on equality in the United Nations
Inspiration: Leaders of freedom, from Martin Luther King to Malala Yousafzai
Hobbies: Collect coins from around the world, blog, be an activist, travel and play the trumpet

Ikon_urbano Urbano

Gerder: Male
Birthday: April 23
Age: 9 years old
Right entrusted: Know
Description: Urban is conscious, experimental and curious. He constantly demonstrates the inalienable right to know, to the extent that his interests and actions personify the very essence of this coveted right
Biggest dream: Develop new technologies to improve the welfare of humanity
Inspiration: Famous inventors who empowered the world with fun technology such as computers, music players and cars
Hobbies: Repair electronic devices, video games, collect strange scrap and surf the internet

Ikon_beebop Beebop

Gender: Male
Birthday: October 25
Age: 10 years old
Right entrusted: Create
Description: Beebop is cunning, talented and kool. He is firmly in charge of the indispensable right to Create and embodies his essence in all the actions, hobbies and drawings he performs
Biggest dream: Compose the most successful song in history.
Professional aspiration: Architect
Inspiration: Extreme sportsmen, rock musicians and painters like Picasso and Dalí
Hobbies: Playing the bass, listening and sharing music, drawing, creating comics and fishing


Gender: Female
Birthday: July 30
Age: 10 years old
Right entrusted: Share
Description: Chika has style, she is generous and committed. Chika personifies the spirit of this important right with her actions and her willingness to collaborate.
Biggest dream: Have a million friends.
Professional aspiration: Model
Inspiration: Manga and anime characters, especially tender girls.
Hobbies: Make new friends, model, go shopping, take pictures and send text messages.

Ikon_vita_ Vita

Gender: Female
Birthday: June 5
Age: 7 years old
Right entrusted: Caring
Description: Vita is romantic, careful and nature lover. His interests and actions are so evident, that it can be said that he truly embodies the essence of the Right to Care
Biggest dream: Let there be no more pollution in the world
Professional aspiration: Oceanographer
Inspiration: Artists and explorers who take care of the environment
Hobbies: Gardening, arts and crafts, cooking, board games and taking long walks in the park

Ikon_bache Bache

Gender: Male
Birthday: May 28
Age: 2 years old
Right entrusted: Play
Description: Bache is enthusiastic, adorable and carefree. It is no surprise that their interests and actions epitomize the essence of the Right to Play
Biggest dream: Make sure everyone always has a lot of fun
Inspiration: Clowns, actors and acrobats that captivate their audience
Hobbies: Chew things you find, play bowling, do magic tricks and fight with Urbano

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