Costa Rica

Security and accessibility

Our visitors are the most important

Ikon_security Security

The safety of each and every one of our visitors is an utmost aspect for us. Therefore, we have developed a strict and detailed security system that involves:

  • Controlled access: There is only one entrance and one exit for visitors with electric gates and private security guards.


  • Identification bracelets: Each and every one of the visitors (kids) that access our facilities are placed on the wrist with a radiofrequency antenna and an identification chip, which can only be removed by our staff through a specialized system in the area of ​​migration, when the visitor is ready to leave.


  • Radio Frequency Antenna: Prevents a visitor from leaving the center without authorization. If a visitor tries to leave without proper authorization, an alarm will sound and there will always be a policeman to stop his–her exit.


  • Chip identifier: It allows us to form electronic groups through a sophisticated computer system, which grants the exit to minors only with adults previously authorized in the system.


  • Video cameras: Strategically placed in different points of the center; we have a video recording system for future reference.


  • Highly qualified personnel: Our staff receives, constantly, professional training for the correct handling of eventualities and emergencies.


  • Departure emergencies: The combined use of the regular and special exits allows a quick evacuation, while also providing an alternative if the route to the normal exit is blocked.

Ikon_accesibility_nation Accesibility

KidZania, as a socially responsible company, is committed to ensuring that most of its activities, shows and games are accessible to all types of visitors, including people with disabilities. To achieve this, the necessary actions and resources are implemented to facilitate the communication and active participation of its visitors.


The materials, contents, activities and assistance of the trained personnel are designed to ensure that learning and entertainment experiences reach all children without barriers of any kind, even with special contents that prepare and sensitize children on these issues.

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