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Terms and Conditions

The present terms and conditions of use are intended to regulate all handling of the KidZania App and Website. It is noted that if the User is a minor, this policy must be read and accepted by their parents or guardians prior to the use of the minor of the Website and App.



App: KidZania App.

Website: KidZania Website

Kidzania: edu-family entertainment center operated under the KIDZANIA franchise.

User: You or a minor with your consent with the simple download and use of the App or access to the Website.

Registered User: You or a minor duly represented by you if an account is created in the App or the Website.

Database: Set of personal data of the Registered Users duly organized and used for the purposes that KIDZANIA informs you in the "Link of Privacy Policy and Data Protection"




The App and the Website are the sole and absolute property of the society UNIVERSO INFANTIL KZ SOCIEDAD ANONIMA, identity card number 3-101-746675 domiciled in San Jose, Santa Ana, Santa Ana Radial - Bethlehem, Vertical Condominium of Forum Offices Six , Cuestamoras Building, Third Floor (hereinafter "KIDZANIA"), together with any type of intellectual and industrial property, images, designs and any other exclusive element of the App and the Website.


To use the App, it is necessary to comply with the previous registration (creation of the "Account"), allowing the Registered User to access the corresponding information and perform different types of actions, always in accordance with the type of user that is.

To make use of the Web Page in its public section it is not necessary to comply with any previous requirement, to make use in its section for Registered Users it is necessary to comply with the previous registration (creation of the "Account").


The download and use of the App, as well as the navigation on the Website are completely free and are available in versions for iOS and Android, however you are warned that browsing it can lead to charges by your telephone operator, of which KIDZANIA completely disclaims responsibility.




To create said Account, it will be enough to follow the instructions that appear for the creation of the same (see privacy policy and data protection Once the Account is created, the User will receive the status of a REGISTERED User, with a name of user and a password to access the App and the Registered Users section of the Website.


The use of the App and Website is designed for people of legal age or minors under the strict supervision of their parents or guardians.

The use of the aforementioned username and password is personal and non-transferable, the transfer, even temporary, of the same to third parties is not permitted. In this regard, the User undertakes to make personal use of them and to keep them protected from the knowledge of third parties, claiming all liability that may arise from their disclosure, and exonerating it from KIDZANIA.


In case a User has any type of suspicion in relation to the use of his username and password by a third party, he must proceed immediately to change the password following the procedures established for it in the App and on the Website.


In the same way, before any suspicion of misuse of your account, KIDZANIA reserves the right to change your password, block the account, which will be communicated to the email address that you provide, assuming that you will be the one You have access to the information that we direct to you.




The App and Website are designed to be tools of communication between KidZania and you, as well as to make available to you through it some facilities.

The Website and App are configured with the following facilities:


1. What is KidZania ?: General description of what is KidZania including a video, in addition to the following subsections:

  • Our history,
  • Our Economy
  • Security and Accessibility
  • Learning and Education
  • KidZania in the world
  • KZ Journal


2. Visit us: It contains the general information of KidZania to guide clients, with the following subsections:

  • Opening Hours
  • Prices
  • Buy now
  • How to get?
  • Map of KidZania
  • General information


3. About KidZania, Description of KidZania and its facilities, which contains the following subsections:

  • Our Partners
  • Activities
  • Social responsability
  • Guide for teachers
  • Box Newsletter


4. Loyalty Program: Explanation of the invitation loyalty program and forms to proceed with registration, has the following subsections:

  • B KidZanian
  • Sign up
  • CongreZZ


5. Events: Information about the possibility of having events in KidZania and the corresponding forms for reservations, has the following subsections:

  • Birthday party form
  • Schoolchildren
  • Special events


6. Contact us: Space for contact with users and with the following subsections:

  • Frequent questions
  • Join the team
  • Contact form
  • News.




The User or to the detriment of his / her parent or guardian in the name of a User who is under the age of age, accepts either in his / her own name or that of his / her represented that when making use of the App and Website, the User will refrain from:


a) Use the App and Website in a manner, for purposes or effects contrary to law, morality and good customs or for personal gain of any kind.


b) Violate the integrity of the App or Website through any type of actions, with the aim of damaging the integrity of the App or Website, without intending to be exhaustive. Examples of prohibited actions would be: sabotage attempts, "hacking", saturation of the service by manual means or with the use of software tools "Robots", etc.


c) Reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any means of communication, transform or modify the content of the App or the Website;


d) Carry out any act that consists of a breach of intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to KIDZANIA or to third parties such as the distribution, modification or alteration of the content of the App or Website (texts, graphics, photographs, logos, icons, images) ) as well as graphic design, source code and software, whether these are the exclusive property of KIDZANIA or are owned by third parties.


e) Use both the App and Web Page and the information obtained through it to advertise or trade for direct sales or with any other kind of purpose whether commercial or not;


If as a result of disobedience to these Terms and Conditions by the user results damages for KIDZANIA or any third party, the User or if this is minor their parents or guardians will be forced to compensate the person who suffered the damage in its entirety.




KIDZANIA will try to ensure at all times for compliance with the Costa Rican legal system. For this reason, it reserves the right to suspend the services to any user and in the cases considered convenient, it will eliminate the account of the user who acted in contempt of these regulations of use or who have justified suspicion that he might be doing so. All of the foregoing without prejudice to any legal actions that KIDZANIA may have to exercise to safeguard its rights or those of third parties; even to seek compensation for the actions committed by the offender.




KIDZANIA through the App and Website may advertise products or services of third parties, as well as events that are also organized by third parties, in such a way that the User understands that KIDZANIA will not be responsible for the information published in the name and on behalf of these third parties. nor does it have any role in the contractual relationship that the User has with these parties when acquiring products or services from them.




You, with the sole use of the App and / or the Website, acknowledge and accept in your own name or the minor users of which you are the parent or guardian, the following limitations to the responsibility of KIDZANIA:


  1. We assume no responsibility for the activities or behaviors of users.
  2. The App and Website shows the contents of KidZania and other third parties. It will not be considered at any time that KIDZANIA is responsible for the legality of the contents of third parties that are displayed in the App or the Website, being that they are included "as is" are provided.
  3. In the event that the contents of the App or Website include a hyperlink that allows access to third-party websites, access to third-party websites is done at your own risk.
  4. If you consider that your intellectual or industrial property rights are being violated by any content that is present in the App or on the Website, we inform you of your possibility to contact KIDZANIA to clarify the situation. However, with regard to third party content, KIDZANIA will not be held responsible if it is found that the content in question violated your rights in any way, being that as said, the contents belonging to third parties are provided "as is. "To KIDZANIA and therefore no responsibility will be accepted on such content.
  5. Under no circumstances shall KIDZANIA be liable for any damage, including the loss of benefits and damages that may result from a virus, worms, programs or sections of harmful programs that could infect your computer equipment during your access or navigation in the App or on the Website, being that KIDZANIA warns you that although all appropriate and appropriate security measures will be taken, on the Internet you can not consider any system, App, website or any other type of online environment as invincible against attacks of third parties. It is considered that it is your responsibility to keep your equipment or that of your children or minors subject to your guardianship with the appropriate program (s) to prevent infection during your use of our App and Website and for which you accept full responsibility and exempt to KIDZANIA of any type of responsibility in this regard.




The processing of personal data and the sending of communications by electronic means are in accordance with the regulations established in the Law on the Protection of the Person against the Processing of Personal Data Number 8968 and its Regulations. (See Privacy policy and data protection).


At the moment of managing your Registered User Account or that of your child or minor to your guardianship, you allow KIDZANIA to send you communications on behalf of KIDZANIA or on behalf of third parties. However, you are informed that in all electronic communications sent by the Responsible Party, the name of the sender will be duly informed, as well as the manner in which you can object to continue receiving communications.


Notwithstanding the above, users who request it can exclude themselves from this service in a simple and free way, by sending a written communication to: KIDZANIA, or by contacting the following email address:


Any suggestion, comment or communication that you, your child or minor subject to guardianship makes to KIDZANIA through the means enabled for that purpose, will be considered as "non-confidential" and may also be communicated by KIDZANIA to third parties without your consent.


In addition to the foregoing, KIDZANIA or third parties may use said information for commercial purposes and implement suggestions made by you, without which you may claim any right of intellectual or industrial property over the knowledge or ideas expressed in the aforementioned communications or claim any payment for part of KIDZANIA or third parties for the information contained in any communication made by you to KIDZANIA.




These General Conditions are governed by Costa Rican law. The parties submit to the courts and tribunals of Costa Rica.


All shares of KIDZANIA or Users will be credited as made in Costa Rican territory for any legal effect.


These General Conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Costa Rican legislation in matters not expressly established.




You or your child or minor subject to your guardianship is considered "User" of the App and Website and with the single download and use of the App or with simple access to the Website, you in your own name or the corresponding representation accepts these Terms and Conditions in the respective, being forced to comply with what is established here or to supervise the compliance of their children or minors subject to their guardianship. These terms and conditions will be in force during the time they are exposed to Users, so that as they are modified or updated in whole or in part, these conditions will no longer be valid, the new terms of use will be those that will regulate the use of the application. Likewise, KIDZANIA recommends reading this document prior to each use, as it reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation and configuration of the App and Website, as well as these Terms and Conditions of use.

Terms of Sale

UNIVERSO INFANTIL KZ SOCIEDAD ANONIMA, identity card number 3-101-746675 domiciled in San José, Santa Ana, Santa Ana Radial - Bethlehem, Vertical Condominium of Six Forum Offices, Cuestamoras Building, Third Floor (hereinafter "KIDZANIA"); and You, both "Parties", recognizing each other's legal capacity to bind themselves, state that they are interested in arranging these conditions of sale in accordance with Costa Rican legislation and the following stipulations:



This document has a contractual nature and aims to determine the conditions of sale for the provision of ticket sales services to what you access through the option "Tickets" of the website (in forward the "Web Page"), or in the Kidzania App (hereinafter "Kidzania Box Office"), which will be governed by the Sale Conditions included here.



KIDZANIA makes available to you through Ticket Office Kidzania the services of ticketing or purchase of tickets online (hereinafter the "Purchases"). This service of sale of tickets is exclusively destined to adults, being that although minors registered users are admitted only will be enabled the sale of tickets to those users of legal age.



To make Purchases, you must previously make the User Registration in accordance with our terms and conditions (hereinafter the "User Registration") and always under the regulation and guarantees that you will find in our  Policy Of privacy




The prices for the Purchases will be in accordance with what is indicated in the offer published for each ticket to attend KIDZANIA on the Website or in the Kidzania App.


The form of payment will be a direct charge that will be made to the means of payment that you indicate at the time of making your purchases.



At any time that KIDZANIA wishes to contact you, it will do so at the email address that you have entered in the User Registry, so that any communication made to that address and / or media will be deemed effective.




  1. All sales made through Ticket Office Kidzania in low season, from the months of February to June and from August to November are final. They are not accepted: cancellations of purchase, changes or refunds.
  2. All sales made through Ticket Office Kidzania in high season, whether the months of January, July and December can be canceled at least 48 hours in advance and if this requirement is fulfilled will be returned the full price paid.
  3. Kidzania Box Office does not send tickets home, they may be withdrawn in KIDZANIA either in the counter or in the self-service stations that will be available for that purpose. The telephone service hours will be from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  4. At the time of withdrawal of tickets, you must have your identity document and the credit card used for the purchase, at the time of identification. If another person withdraws the tickets, even with the credit card or a photocopy, you must present an authorization and identity document of the person who withdraws. It would also be helpful to have a copy of your confirmation of the order and the confirmation number with you.
  5. When you make your purchases through the Kidzania Box Office, you accept these conditions of sale and are fully aware of the rights and obligations set forth herein.




KIDZANIA and You agree that all disputes, differences, disputes or claims that may arise from this contractual relationship, its execution, breach, settlement, interpretation or validity, may be resolved under the following methods of solution:

  1. Negotiation between the parties: Disputes, disputes, disputes or claims may be resolved in the first instance under this modality, depriving at all times the good faith of the parties in the negotiation process. At the end of this process, a settlement resulting from such negotiation and signed in common agreement between KIDZANIA and You must be defined. The costs that must be incurred for the formalization of the agreement defined under this modality will be covered in equal parts between you and KIDZANIA. If this type of solution is not effective to solve the problems in question, you can opt for an abbreviated arbitration process or raise the case to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Justice of the Republic of Costa Rica.
  2. Of the jurisdiction of the Courts of Justice of the Republic of Costa Rica: If it were decided to elevate the case to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Justice of the Republic of Costa Rica, the legal costs and other expenses resulting from this process will be assumed by each part of the corresponding process, notwithstanding that said instance condemns any party to its payment.



This contractual relationship will be governed by the legislation and jurisdiction of the Republic of Costa Rica.




Any communication that one of the parties must make to the other party should be addressed to the following means:


A / You: To the email address that you indicate in the User Registration.


A / KIDZANIA: At the facilities of KIDZANIA or the email address


If any of the Parties changes its means to receive notifications, it must notify in writing and with the receipt of the other, such circumstance, in such a way that, as long as those addresses are not modified, any notification, delivery of documents, that is carried out in the medium indicated here, it will be considered as legally and effectively received.

Terms and Conditions