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UNIVERSO INFANTIL KZ SOCIEDAD ANONIMA, identity card number 3-101-746675 domiciled in San Jose, Santa Ana, Uruca, Radial Santa Ana - Belén, Vertical Condominium of Offices Forum Six, Cuestamoras Building, Third Floor (hereinafter "KIDZANIA" ), informs you that according to the Law of Protection of the Person against the use of your personal data No. 8968 (hereinafter, the "LPD") and its Regulations, of the existence of a Personal Data Base created by the Responsible, and called "KidZania General"




The data that the Registered User provides to KIDZANIA is collected for informational purposes, service provision, contact, research and commercial prospecting. This information will be treated with the reservation, confidentiality and security stipulated by the legislation in force in the matter.




Website: Website of KIDZANIA
Kidzania: edu-family entertainment center operated under the KIDZANIA franchise.
User: You or a minor with your consent with the simple download and use of the App or access to the Website.
Registered User: You or a minor duly represented by you if you create an account on the App or the Website.
Database: Set of personal data of the Registered Users duly organized and used for the purposes that KIDZANIA informs you in the "Privacy and Data Protection Policy"




You approve this Policy either on your own behalf or on behalf of a minor you represent by checking the box next to "I have read and accept the privacy and data protection policy", which is found on the data compilation forms which is a indispensable requirement to be able to finish the process and become a Registered User. Therefore, we ask you to read this Policy carefully before checking the box mentioned above.




You as a Registered User or on behalf of a minor Registered User, state that you are the one who claims to be you or the minor represented and who knows the legal consequences with which Costa Rican legislation punishes acting by posing as someone else, and that the information that is entered in the App and Website of KIDZANIA is accurate, and that assumes the duty to comply with the necessary information updates to keep it clear and accurate at all times. In case of missing this obligation to update, you exempt KIDZANIA from any legal consequence regarding these elements of authenticity and accuracy corresponding to the principle of quality of the information established in the national legislation.


On the other hand, if KIDZANIA were to establish that you or a minor represented by you has entered information in a manner contrary to what is indicated in the previous paragraph, it will proceed immediately to conclude any rights that you or the duly represented minor have obtained regarding the App and Website and terminate the relationship with you at the moment. All of the foregoing, without prejudice to the possibility of taking legal actions that are necessary to protect the rights of KIDZANIA or any third parties that have suffered damage as a result of the violation you have committed.




Apart from the information that you provide us in the registry as a Registered User, KIDZANIA may expand with other information through surveys, interviews or questionnaires that are sent to the Registered User, and you are warned that KIDZANIA uses automated analysis systems of Registered User traffic that collect information about their experience in the use of our App and Website. The latter is done with the objective of providing a secure service to the Registered User, without wanting to be exhaustive, within the information that is collected with your experience of use is:

  • Activity Registration Information: In order to allow your connection to the Website and App, our servers receive and record information about your computer and your browser, such as IP address, browser type, http reference (from where you visited the Page Web) as well as other hardware and software information. If you access the Website and App from a cell phone or other electronic device for consumers, we may collect a unique device identifier (UDID) assigned to said device or other transactional information of said device.


  • Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies: We also use cookies and other tracking technologies (such as browser cookies, pixels and beacons), which are made up of small bits of data that often incorporate a unique anonymous identifier. We use these technologies to learn how users interact with our Site. Most browsers are configured to accept cookies, however, you can adjust their settings to block them. We can use cookies that remain even when the user leaves the Site. To the extent that KIDZANIA works with third parties in order to provide, evaluate and improve online services, these third parties may use their own cookies or other technical measures to collect anonymous information about your use of the Website and App, provided linked to our policies and instructions.


KIDZANIA does not request information of a financial type or identified as "sensitive" by the data protection regulation of the Registered Users of the App or Web Page, therefore, if you receive a communication identified as "KIDZANIA" requiring this type of information, You are requested to immediately inform KIDZANIA at the addresses indicated in this document and do not respond to the sender of said messages.


The data obtained are appropriate and not excessive in relation to the scope, purposes and services provided by KIDZANIA and its relationship with the Registered User, having data that are marked with an "*" as mandatory and others that are not. However, in the case that consent has been given to proceed to treat your data, this consent may be revoked at any time, by sending a communication to the address




The implication of not providing the data or of denying the consent at any time for its treatment, will be the impediment for KIDZANIA to provide the different services offered to you as a Registered User of the App and / or Website, including enabling the account of Registered User to have access to it.




In principle, the Registered User Data that you or a minor under your supervision and with your approval provide, as well as those that in accordance with this policy are compiled from other sources of public access by KIDZANIA will not be assigned, communicated or transferred to other third parties, more than KidZania Operations, S.à.rl, a company duly registered and in force in accordance with Luxembourg regulations, domiciled in Luxembourg, Avenida 39, John Fe. Kennedy L-18855, whose identification number is XXX, which is linked to this policy, including the uses of the information, rights granted and other aspects reported herein, leaving you from this moment duly informed of that transfer and expressly aware that it is made. In the case of a special situation in which some personal data should be sent to a third party, it will be notified to the Registered User first and it is limited to be able to do so with the consent of the Registered User.




The use of the App and Website is intended for children under 18 years of age, however, it being understood that the use made by minors, they do so under the supervision and responsibility of their parents or guardians and with their authorization. Additionally, if a minor wishes to create a Registered User of the App and / or Website, the pertinent authorization will be requested by his parents or legal guardians to collect his personal data.

Likewise, minors are prohibited, even with the consent of their parents, to include any type of information that: (i) is considered sensitive data by the LPD, or (ii) personal data of their parents or tutors and that are not merely contact data to verify the authorization mentioned in the previous paragraph.




The Registered User or the parents / guardians of the latter may perform the rights of access, rectification, revocation or elimination to the processing of their personal data or the data of the minor represented, directing a written communication to KIDZANIA at the address indicated at the beginning of this document or by contacting the following email address:




This Policy covers the Website and the App, however in these environments you can find links to, the website of the KidZania loyalty program, as well as the individual sites of the different KidZania centers in other geographical locations. and the individual sites of the different geographic locations that are operated under the "KidZania" brand, which may include centers owned by KidZania and / or owned by Franchisees, may have their own privacy policies that govern the use of said sites.


Additionally, the Website and App may include links to third-party sites that are not owned or controlled by a KidZania Company or a KZ Franchisee. These third-party sites may collect personal information. The information practices of the referred sites, organizations or businesses, including those of our Industry Partners (sponsors) and business partners, are subject to their own privacy policies and are not contemplated in the scope of application of this Policy. KIDZANIA does not endorse and is not responsible for the practices of the referred sites. We recommend that when you are redirected from our website or App, review the privacy policies of each of the sites you access, before providing your personal information.




The management of personal data and the sending of communications by electronic means are in accordance with the regulations established in the LPD and its Regulations.


At the time of managing your Registered User account or that of a minor represented, you authorize KIDZANIA and KidZania Operations, S.à.rl to send you communications on behalf of KIDZANIA, KidZania Operations, S.à.rl or in the third parties, however, you are informed that in all electronic communications that you receive from the above, the name of the sender will be formally informed, as well as the manner in which you can object to continue receiving communications.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, Registered Users who request it may dispense with this service in a simple and free way, by sending a written communication to the address indicated at the beginning of this document or by contacting the following e-mail address: data@




The personal data of our Registered Users are collected and stored in the database owned by KIDZANIA and in the Database of KidZania Operations, S.à.rl according to what you authorize in this policy, both Responsible guarantee the appropriate technical and structural measures to safeguard the integrity and security of the personal information provided in accordance with the current state of the art.


KIDZANIA and KidZania Operations, S.à.rl maintain security levels for the protection of their data in accordance with the LPD and its Regulations, regarding everything related to the security measures of databases containing personal data. and it has established all the technical means to which it has access to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the data that you provide, without prejudice to inform you that security measures on the Internet can never be considered totally safe.




This Privacy and Data Protection Policy is governed by Costa Rican law. The parties are subject to the administrative system, the courts and tribunals of Costa Rica.

All shares of KIDZANIA or Registered Users will be considered to be made in Costa Rican territory for any legal effect.

This Privacy and Data Protection Policy is governed and construed in accordance with Costa Rican legislation in matters that are not expressly established.

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